Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another Worthless Gift Guide

If you read my last post, you'll know I've got some bitchy complicated feelings about gift giving and receiving.

However, I also have great taste and like to tell people what to do, so here is my gift guide anyway.

I'm sure you don't need or want it, but I wanted to make it. 

The Happy Home


These great and little bear prints. (So freaking cute!)

For the lucky few who get to keep their butter on the counter.

A brass and glass lantern or terrarium to fill with candles or sparkly things. I just bought this one at TJMAXX. I've seen others at Michael's.

This stunning coffee table book.

These water bottles keep your drinks cold for hours. Really. 

Anyone with pets needs one of these.

*I want. You want. Everyone wants. It's the solution to half of my problems.

Fun for All

A swearing party game. I'm in. Oh wait, the goal is to not swear. Dammit.

Jumbo dice for those outdoor games of Yatzee.

I don't even use mugs and I swear I need this.

Donkey Mug

A plush Scully. Perfection. All babies need this (sans the necklace, because choking hazard.)

For the Lone Gunmen in your life: prayer candles.

Young or old, there is a person in your life who needs a bucket of shit. No really.

*And this toy cactus. I bought one as a gift recently and it's amazing.


Any piece from this Etsy seller.

Geo Necklace

Zodiac Constellation charms for that friend sister who believes that stuff.

Black silhouette jewelry holders in the shape of birds, a ballerina, and more birds.

A unisex bag that's been in my shopping cart for months.

Lapel pins are back in. A dandelion. How you doing? I know a few people for whom this applies.


I am positive my mother needs this ironed onto a jean jacket.

Too Bad So Sad Patch

I saw a gal walking across campus with this bag and I fell a little bit in love with her that day.

If you'd like your cat to look like a 16th century jester AND you'd like it to stop eating birds, try this.

Cat Collar


A box of greeting card "pick your own" charts can only go awry if the gifted has no sense of humor.

We all need a box of these.

This Rocketbook smart notebook is pretty dang cool.

The Night Voyage coloring book. 

A set of the best coloring pencils.

On My List

For real though, I want this. I'm not being ironic.
(Okay, maybe I'm being a little bit ironic, but I have been a doomsday prepper since the 3rd grade.)

What's On Your List?

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If you need gift ideas for tweens, I made a list a few years ago.
It's a bit outdated, but there are lots of gems on here.

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  1. I love the white tri angle arrow necklace. This one is a stunning one. Will be perfectly matched with my bestnon iron dress shirts . I also love the puppet , the cutest one. Really so lovely and awesome. The toy cactus is also so wonderful. I really love your collecton.


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