Sunday, August 28, 2016

Printables and What-Not Roundup #beforethepen

If you're here, you probably like paper & pens, planners, printables, stationary, journals, and all the other what-not that relates. Here are some what-nots I've found recently that might be of interest. 

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I love this printable weekly to-do. Some of these printables get so busy with unnecessary junk. HeatherInk keeps it simple. (Free pdf download from dropbox.)

If you're into Cornell notes and like to experiment with different style of paper, like grid dot or blank, here are a bunch of choices. (Free downloads from google drive.)

These printables from Crossbow Etsy Store are very reasonably priced and well-designed for all your planner and organizational needs.

This weekly schedule printable is nice for helping students get their weeks organized. I downloaded the docx and changed the design a bit to reflect my campuses needs. (Free in multiple formats.)

Do you freeze a bunch of meals and then never know what's in the freezer? Here is a freezer inventory printable. (Free pdf.)

I want to try these landscape legal pads, but they are a bit pricey for me. I am cheap.

We all need this donkey note holder. Since I'm already buying myself new pens, and I've already admitted to being cheap, I just can't splurge on another gift for myself. But, he's so cute.


What are your favorite printables and what-not? Leave a comment and lets us know. Even when there is only one comment on the post, lots of people tell me they've been here lurking about. Say hi instead! (I'm lonely!) You can also send me an email at wordyporter @

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